The Japanese Football Association has said that the J-League should be transformed in such a way that it will be in line with the European calendar.

The J-League is the top flight of Japanese football, but it follows its own calendar. This, according to the Japanese football Association, has been causing a lot of problems for the national team and also for the players.

Hence, they have asked the J-League to consider switching to the European calendar. It has been suggested that the way to make this change possible would be to extend the 2013 season to 18 months.

Hence, making this would enable the J-League come in line with the European calendar. The 2013 season would then finished just before the 2014 FIFA World Cup, while the 2015 season can then resume as per the European schedule.

The Japanese football Association has also said that making the changes in this summer would be difficult due to the presence of both the Confederations Cup and East Asian Football Championship. They will be taking place in a short span of time, which would make it difficult for the 2013 season to run according to this new schedule.

“Scheduling next year’s J-League will be difficult because of [June’s] Confederations Cup and [July’s] East Asian Football Championship, so this is simply one suggestion. We’ll have to decide on a course of action by this summer,” said league managing director Yukio Nakano. However, one of the problems that has come about due to the 18 month schedule of the 2013 season has been the contracts of the players. Clubs would have to play significantly more matches in order to comply with the new schedule, which will mean extra wages to the players. The meeting will be held at the end of this month on the same issue.

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