Emblen chosen for New Zealand

On November of 2013, New Zealand and Mexico played in a match that was going to decide which nation would be able to play in the 2014 World Cup and it was Mexico the team that came out on top with the triumph. When New Zealand lost the match, Ricki Herbert announced to the media his desire to retire as he resigned and it was Neil Emblen the man that was chosen as the interim manager of New Zealand.

Neil Emblen wanted to take up the position of coaching New Zealand on a permanent basis but not too long ago it was announced that 43 year old English manager is not in the shortlist of the final 3 people that will be chosen.

Upon being notified about this news, Neil Emblen expressed his shock and displeasure as he said: “I’m very disappointed but the decisions are out of my hands. I thought I did all I could, but that’s part of football. The three candidates that have been shortlisted are more ready in NZF eyes at the moment for international coaching, but they hope to still have a role within New Zealand Football for me’’

A number of different managers have applied and tried to take up the position of coaching the national football team of New Zealand including the former coach of Queens Park Rangers Iain Dowie, former manager of England Terry Butcher, and Frank Farina who used to be in charge of Australia.

Frank Farina voiced his interest in coaching New Zealand as he went on telling reporters: ”I have a lot of friends in New Zealand that I played with and against. New Zealand has a very good squad. When I look at players in the A-League or overseas, they’ve got a fantastic group of young players coming through, but also existing players. That’s what a lot of people will be looking at in terms of job appeal.”

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