Raheem Sterling most Expensive

One of the most expensive Manchester City signings, Raheem Sterling, claims that he has no grudges about leaving Liverpool in the way that he did.

In order to secure his dream move to City, Sterling incur the wrath of several Liverpool fans by threatening to go on strike. This left the club with little option but to sell the player. They received a handsome fee of £ 49 million for the England international who had joined the club as a trainee. Brendan Rodgers regarded Sterling as the future of Liverpool, but those dreams evaporated rather quickly.

Sterling claims that the move to City was undeniable from his circumstances since it was going to give him a great opportunity to lift several trophies in his career. Both clubs are huge for various reasons; Liverpool with their huge history that goes back several decades while City have the potential to become as big due to the immense wealth of their owners. Sterling may have cost £ 49 million, but this transfer fee was broken in the same transfer window with the arrival of Kevin De Bruyne. Such is the spending potential at City that they will challenge for trophies without fail and it is not the case with Liverpool at the moment.

“I thought [the move to City] at the time was right for me and my heart was saying that is what I should do. That is what I have done and I have no regrets.Liverpool and Manchester City are both big football clubs and I am just happy to be where I am – and I am happy with my development at this moment in time. I want to continue my development and win trophies.Part of it was my development, trying to get myself better as a player, definitely help my club and definitely help my country in big tournaments,” said Sterling.

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