Vahid Halilhodzic wants to add a real striker to the Japanese national side

Japan is attempting to qualify for the 6th successive time into the FIFA World Cup and have been doing a fairly impressive job as the Asian squad is currently located in the top spot of Group B with 10 points, which is the same amount of points as Saudi Arabia but the Japanese national side are falling behind in terms of goal difference.

In Japan’s quest of qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, they have managed to so far, defeat Thailand, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. These positive results have allowed Japan to position themselves in the 2nd spot of Group B right behind Saudia Arabia.

Despite making good performances and being in a comfortable position, the head coach of Japan VahidHalilhodzic wants his squad to continue improving and one of his priorities is to add a true striker to the Japanese national side.

“Right now, we’re getting goals from various positions: from centre-back, from midfield, from the forwards. It’s a good thing, but what I want is a pure, out-and-out goal-scorer. Someone who can take the one or two chances he may or may not have in a game.I must find this type of player or develop one, somehow. Every good team has one, a player who finds a way to score not just when he is on a roll, but also when the tide is against him’’

“It’s possible to develop good strikers and good goalkeepers, and it’s critical that you do. All the best countries have good players at these important positions. If you don’t, you cannot expect results. It’s the same at club level. Bayern, Barcelona, Real, Chelsea, Manchester United, they all have them. And we need to conduct our search’’ Japan’s VahidHalilhodzic said as he expressed his desire to add a true forward to his team.

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