GianluigiDonnarumma is getting worldwide praise

GianluigiDonnarumma is a 16 year old shot-stopper who has already made a name for himself in the world of football as the youngster has turned into a consistent starter for the Italian club Ac.Milan.

This young player has secured a place in the first team of SinišaMihajlović and this is a fairly impressive accomplishment, especially taking into consideration that Donnarumma has been able to prove his worth and snatched the starting role spot ahead of Christian Abbiati and Diego Lopez who are much more experienced players but SinišaMihajlović has left both of them in the sidelines as GianluigiDonnarumma takes center stage.

Napoli and Manchester United are interested in signing the 16 goal-keeper but it’s unlikely that Ac.Milan will be selling the player who is already being considered to be as: ‘’the future of Italian football’’

“He is and he will remain Milan’s goalkeeper. We have not received any offers for him and if any were to come in, we would turn them down anyway.”Ac.Milan’s Adriano Galliani said as he stated that Donnarumma isn’t leaving the Italian club anytime soon.

Christian Abbiati, Diego Lopez, Mino Raiola, Christian Brocchi, M’BayeNian and even the Italian legend Gianluigi Buffon have all praised GianluigiDonnarumma and believe that the youngster has a bright future lying ahead.

GianluigiDonnarumma himself admitted that he wants to remain with Ac.Milan for the long term which is good news for the Italian club as they are in need of top players who can help in their quest of winning the Serie A which has been out of their reach since the season of 2010-11.

The question that emerges is in relation to GianluigiDonnarumma, is he truly deserving of all the praise that he has been getting?
It’s too early to tell but by managing to get consistent playing time in a top club such as Ac.Milan and stealing that spot away from experienced players is already a feat of it’s own and time will tell if Donnarumma is truly a goalkeeping prodigy.

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