Japan National Team U 17 Celebrates SANIX Cup Win

Images of U-17 Japan National team are all over the media as the team celebrates their win over the Higashi Fukuoka High School. The game was won on a score of 1-0. It was International Youth Soccer Tournament offering the SANIX Cup.

The tournament was not an easy one. It consisted of six games that went on for four days. The last day’s games comprised of a final match between the Higashi Fukuoka High School and U-17 National Team. The high school team won the last season when they participated in the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament. The match saw a lot of viewers as the weather were also excellent. Japan initially faced tough opposition. The defenders focused on the match, it must be continued to swing from one side to another.

Forward player Nakamura Shunta struck out two shots in a superb manner, but these went wide. The opposing team grabbed a second chance to take a shot centrally. This also went amiss as the ball shot over the bar after 23 minutes. In the 28th minute of the game the ball came to the front. Forward player Kubo then sent a pass to the midfielder who was on the right side. He dribbled the ball to the center and sent out a strong shot.

Japan struck an opening shot. This went to the right hand corner. They came under pressure as the opponent team continued to attack. The defense was put up by Japan in the second half and the team could not relax till the last minute of the game. Having won this game, it was a first time for the U-17 team, which has made 14 appearances in the tournament till now. The upcoming tournament is the 20th International Youth Soccer in Niigata.

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